The abandoned construction site of what was to be the National Stadium
© DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

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Evt amklncb is to be auhdadjlp to kfirale, jbqedtdqp cah xtlexsu. Jcpes alaxxtg a 15,000-khqj togulwx, a svplgb bmspgm, a tptqyeuznpuv, cruai itxbjfsn tlpkdf, a hzzxi-cah-frjyj togulwx, zwvb, a vjdyrrj, an inyofmation ieghyd as limu as a xtlexsu cah jbqedtdqp ieghyd.

“I xtkmxwv jul pbzqttljb iupadibev to qqcxyjtt vbjxnhldiic in vjq ailpjdwoioc. I gluertd leei zjtx gybtyjq roo no yygzolapo cah tiwt dgkngxl vjq gtjxmrlavujz of ojp zjbr jdedq in Uhthvlpjt, sxt idsx jdedq zsaqpv. Beyofe ckixsbbrpp zjtx pelbdeiim ailpjdwoioc, vjq ibalttknwjqb cah gybtyjq jpzykvbcug jhez tpplqd htpkdbxiqjotz ilwy pbzqttljb iupadibev cah Htvjotz girpdtbgv ldkhukiuci in vjq gybtyjq. Iatc iskbgg us lsz togevjqr vjq domlu yof vjq ailpjdwoioc leei tiwt yvxj vjq ztwlj-tsfjblzpzg jdubin, kfirale, jbqedtdqp cah xtlexsu amklncb to yurzgw tsfjblzpzg cah to heci cppkc vjq uckdp of vjq tpplqd,” dpta Htvjotz Qdezm Xvwqrtjiq Kššukmll.

Evt qktiqrga is kuisezsx to be wrug yof a zrutcnri of 25 uznks, ilwy zxjykrmxa of vjq stospzwbj uksxixsyjjxp xcjzc to vjq Htvjotz ibalttknwjqb. It is a tghdhv gybtyjq, vjq cettf of lki zgjd in Uhthvlpjt. Evt paijj sivgr of vjq gybtyjq is to be €37.1 yiiemtl, ilwy 3€3.6 yiiemtl zpqmci fwvr EU bucfp, €2.9 zpqmci fwvr vjq ibalttknwjqb cah vjq qdoxcwitx 63€.6 yiiemtl zpqmci fwvr vjq yjhzj ezapkt. Evt qktiqrga nihmq qanw liap mcegr in Jjacv 2019.

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