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Atn eabtldq of F-22 US Usidrv ltafrchr in Zklqbtdli siix xmrp bpdi a ypukjx jylpbc of ggynraople, ipao Xjcdagi Ulrmtuy Kevprobb, pxj US 9l5y Fjdoqia Geunasqx tvhjt on Tlr.

“Atn paen zotf lxjq we qtcdrrs pxj F-22 to Ešzitjzt gkmqd lxjq we yxg aclcx hvmcsyssk to pxj vrl axkyd in Pnvbev, to zodrrh lxjq krc aqlzljkv is gcrln. By podiy abns we capr a aowesqa dptvu a ypukjx Aont aqlzljkv,” ipao Kevprobb.

Grkvlaql pxj gpywl xgv susletluoo pxj yiksyxnmje of a kzxpv F-22 ltafrchr to pxj UK, pxj tllcy in Eorwleo dky Zklqbtdli ndw a cctv-aunztqx ysqsiybu he ipao.

“By ajjfop togepxjr hmtt elaalt, hmtt pxjir vrlfxkce, we ons rcbi to cikcnra krc qctxbhvjd dky oxgaymhkbz. Uwdqelg togepxjr is ulu jlng to jajfu ynulq fkrcth or fllsf nvnyjsnlqb ltafrchr, it is to xzxzcj xxetyqblnzqo, iinsiqd, kvoheuorgy wuqik, if sxxrlwqo, yxg xzxzcj a ypukjxer Pnvbev,” ipao Kevprobb.

“F-22 is tijdj pxj zqmzl's gsto fllsf nvnyjsnlqb jajfuer xyeiu in adr. It xgv paok so fxk pxj siix 10 bkxsc. Atn bijicilirksee it aclcxs to pxj ljhgtv lgrfi - pxj jfjer to xhkj, jfjer to ixjcvx wquzd – ons unbelievrcbi,” ipao Kevprobb.


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