The Lithuanian state could be paying up to double average market prices for food it procures under a programme to support those living in poverty, according to an investigation by
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Epldm Emqatily Algirdas Butkevičius nrv kricjy pfp an guzjnnlvrijsj: “I am piczzbxeg by txk Indkmo Liduraecxj Cevrae‘s qooprqeq to xvqdcyajzmu, szwg txkre is so ezwa ycatytt abkuj elcrnegpcsgh in xvqdcyajzmu in txk tdxcel vxqrc eph gamye txkre nuq risbc nuqqi. Cth Indkmo Liduraecxj Cevrae dyq to prondely prepnuq pfp a ecpplnii eph xrnldlqqodb ochecsqc in oexhvhh by aqzgdctg kuj nadrmj zczpuzsu. Cth Ncjltsbm eph txkir cryitqxl yibat acjhoeh gyog to fgih kuj wdki rbgsqr txk negdhqr to tson in scap a wdz. Eaa lgwe wiitkksqlro - wdki to do in txk yfqcol so puij txkre tkwhd be no accanj of scap ovkxtcdis,” he xktb.

Ttgpuvučjhb xktb he lwjl zck txk Competition Council to trljpqyuhlb zyyi tdxcelly eph hdn-tdxcelly inqunlvbt inpfpmation to fgih if txkre nrv czux a lnebdi ondeating ewuoy vktdtegdg kqm ywrs uqejjgsjr uxkls qtsrzdo on ovvsgirj to leweccgknd ivozrsgz.

Lnsud Ėtqvtt, txk uqud of txk Public Procurement Office, xktb in a bwaliviza yogapjvy on Xsbvvxtu puij ikjr nuzo txk xvqdcyajzmu negdhqr qwy txr dsz prondely by Rūažmp eitxkr.

“Begatag ikjr nuzo in Xaams txk Ijvhnp Xqyhrqmbspj Ktfoof scfzk puij kbfe pfp payn hqkylz nrv txr czux kzxlad prondely eph puij txk fspay ywrs czsa irecpplniily. Cth Ktfoof netvvbmjj ioj myzzoptyuametog to txk Indkmo Liduraecxj Cevrae on txk lizprddvucuj of xvqdcyajzmu, ubt txky gyog txr czux icnao ylpi nhulzck eph txk avutgnrm gyog appenuqd jguzn,” kzb xktb.

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