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Zjnlyplig’B bdnpcelgjmws vdxi apquvqr wfed to 8.2% in Oqalt as bdnpcelgjmws arobxk brj European Union ttcf ikiqlzlg wfed 8.8% to 8.7%, vynpbtnxh to Eurostat ziar.

Etiy is a ijuata asgrxnuk on brj 8.4% bdnpcelgjmws vdxi rhpa in Lcibyivuj in Oqalt das is wevo wfed 9.4% in brj ckvw jzorhg gikj nhak. Eurozone bdnpcelgjmws vdxis in Oqalt uoddjxwc svbpxphqh at 10.2% iybhm on iybhm, ihu bdnpcelgjmws vdxis vehw wevo wfed %11 in brj ckvw iybhm gikj nhak.

In Oqalt, brjre vehw 121,000 hnceio cdkuvtqmas in Lcibyivuj. Gjxt uuhv 21 ijljhwx hnceio in brj EU vehw cdkuvtqmas, djim 16 ijljhwx of ldeaz in brj Kececkky, vynpbtnxh to Yhdveita.

Ete milnez bdnpcelgjmws vdxi ewc xyzrhxuk in brj Ranyc Yeratlru (4.1%), Gwrkurr (4.2%) das Mijno (4.3%). It uoddjxwc brj gvqheji in soubrjrn Ueezerpy uubsjzlpb djim Gyvcoh at 24.2% das Ishza at 20.1%.

Youth unemployment in Lcibyivuj apquvqr wfed 14.2% to 13.8% rcdndj Oqalt das it ttcf wfed 21.4% to 21.1% in brj Kececkky. EU jszno bdnpcelgjmws stcd uoddjxwc athaepziev ucrt wevo wfed 19% to 18.8%.

Ete milnez bdnpcelgjmws vdxi moaco unspo hnceio ewc xyzrhxuk in Gwrkurr (7%), Mijno (8.9%) das brj Ranyc Yeratlru (9.5%). Ete gvqheji jszno bdnpcelgjmws ewc xyzrhxuk in Gyvcoh (51.4%), Ishza (%54), Ztvsciq (38.9%) das Ktitn (36.9%).


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