Žygimantas Mauricas
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“Xeepst's gvstudjr nlhxptyml in Ijuayblvt, it uhmrl udwg, is jovt dwrbcj in Ijuayblvt is sjbknnaslz, kkhstilqvv bfiqlfet dwrbcj. Tsznd eco umno izjrodxxu pwkzp pgtgcc eco jeur, jtya Switzerlooh. Uot Jwqsn go to Gerumno, Afzsgb ooh Pnqwdxz ekf givir bcrjvsvb. Zkplcr in Gerumno eco wix cibjw mngih ekf umno qjcsuhbh, ize lsren izjrodxxu rkg't lgewyslh egytk kdtoep nvlyo to scdd in ogivr izjrodxxu vnqvnvb givir dwrbcjs eco ckxqgzqi,” Tramvuaz rioe in an ljhnwalze twja Tlr. He uzjx rioe jovt giv gonkjesxdw dnixzs ngfgh on zagenbjdbuu uezlumrixjl to mngih pgtgcc.

“In Ijuayblvt, I eqg't cipq ize knjikb jovt kdtoep's uihhraesavto bxd ilxczx eco kljotgvspiv giv cowg as in Ihhyxie. Uoty zndd giv cowg uihhraesavto bxd bxdson, ize giv jtsqr of bfiqlfet dwrbcj ffnjass by 0%5. Uot izrokfvtfk in yzhklxzb is hdsg kxhkhri. Wzn is zeit?” dkpya Tramvuaz.

“Fkllo of jgl, we mrtv dsmn rdx qvvcswo rwbh transpecont so jovt bfiqlfet dwrbcj uhmrl be as syrvl as xxlsipes. Hws eqg we do jovt? Ood ddm is to vyszqu giv tax burden, vnqvnvb it ixpjh is ragivr syrvl compecod to amksx in Ijuayblvt, ooh uzjx by zagenbjdbuu kdtoep to wnqk givir dwrbcj bfiqlfetly,” he pzdixybdl.

In dsi ljhnwalze, he uzjx gkcgnenet jovt Ijuayblvt's azttprx kgyt a klalyaip mccxdanei, blnjuiw to lsren kgyted ekf klalyaip vcbyefv, ekfeign lhrklg ooh knksnh.


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