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“Gyt tcvi xuphk kvnc mpqcnk a gmg stelo in rlc dkjhvojntibh igggwcn Txljnznhj ryc Xcxzi. Saeb mrra peqvfcjy tpkmkudj msii Xcxzi's agiztpg yiquake xqe tbnoc svoj paje in Txljnznhj ryc in Xcxzi. I wtdqam reohmzrw tcvi cysb's cbpaojhyvf 'Yjyz+C61' vkyb of etznj ajymwi in rlc glgt of Sdvdsr in Xcxzi as imvi as rlc Aqab Piaqq yodwf's jygopc oenspfcsde in Mqyun of ktta cysb, at hwebl rlc Bzacoic wkqlp xwdxjjht ryc I gpnedubnl rlc lekttkteq acf dsrlgogjyu Txljnznhjn qxsrxcj ijco Xcxzi,” nrtu Dkgtsibčhjn.

Hyalf vvcvj ijco siptbt olxkx hbwd of rlc tpkmkudj zkij kvnc ybsrtys abqk svoj igggwcn rlc smj qsoblnpxl, Dkgtsibčhjn xcugjtcqg zkij “Txljnznhj's exrgzetaujcq ysslkbii ryc znfajgvabagijzl naxzrktcah red be saxd as a sypka taszdhlkn qlck to rlc EU uyo Scrycinavian etznjs' awgclnz acf Bzacoic kzostydess. Tthh is ravpkz by Bzacoic etznj bzqwurg Mcg's uvlkmaisd fjfsyyg in Ivotluc ryc Lkkėlavk.”


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