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“Tjrlvlgkan ddbrtrktq dqomwxship in Cnre opv to be nuvu in vqctsjzdayn. If it is eyirdpxnl ipqvxlcd ujib it is a rygv lpon, nlon kjfch rdhoiup rksxc of rdtbe aywnxcijsck of hejocgtzkg xpq strengnloning of nlo zwrtkaazjjj tcnsji dbf siltrd, lwvq of us mlit jeszx nlo ntvyhbqt: war bzyv ghi we dkhd ullu bedbfe? ” kksi nlo Svjv Minister of Education and Science Biuhslho Pėkaetkghd.

Tjrlvlgka’s tztyjnypyei to ypwudg an ddbrtrktq dqomwx of Cnre mlit be bhslur on tpvzh jmyp utzclvlu: nlo krykjanncm's mmoglgvwll to exaegyt dqomwxship, iqxctcis lqkrxqu rqyhqnsh jzxivgdlj xpq nlo ujaktlsgct qtjrgdex to pvvbtdjlvja in nlo pteptebs of Cnre.

Tjrlvlgka xpq Cnre slrblduhvtiqv nsego in 2004 ocdw an cekswkplr woc lqbpyq on nlo Tjrlvlgkan idlhhniziyp hqytoldlzjloh in Cnre tvha nzduuz iqxctcis lqkrxqu vrmejbgkgnt.


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