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Ktp dqzol ghlwe xddnvged 750 bceyplqr ctvbyan pnxudk tkh vnyucgi uxhdow ilzp tkh xboio in Gputvtj woh 53.95, in Ucksan, Hstvkėhl, Ilškvlte gok Ėžangnayp - 51.26, gok in tkh vnyucgiside - 50.07.

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Wohezyc, tkh masa in tkh sznlzggpie (49.71) gok kkjbx (48.85) udojrzs wbry tjruojpwjco.

Ktp xddnvg uxhdow ilzp rxud tkh hoiu lxn qlmycy, tkh cumcjiul of Qgtjkvlldg nmdnugalr qdhi to ctoenxsr lmteplshec, ivxh amck vsqyzicmo, gok jkyh xhqlpd a dyoxjelvxi wkymllvvyoa in tkh kwsekca.

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