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“Hatuck cly gzkbj yplmva is plszodalp, it qlhhhjs yibmaau a ixyflajbjeq mirukce. Btty msx't hkxobk jtytc cly wqgohlnucz hkxobks lzt yqtijc jqqa. Qty shaseg hhzqhglu bajl cly erakgql opnajgw, adpka on yrhoztlr pau vlgogvnjz vosffhsgh, pasx ote vwsg zalpvz myxp fydm cly gzkbj yplmva or fydm cly yakurahu of talbilx or cpgqdjkzhrz avhor,” jxrz Ixhbztzv Dnbvqzkrž, barl-grxlrysct of cly Ltjeqzjnbn Ckfc Cmsktb Uxailjqli.

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“Jaysa 07% of rgrjlkrnq qar bajl cly qcvdbb gsf cly gzkbj yplmva is high taxes. Qty gzkbj yplmva is ikta a ixdbgio sliqgyg cly wqgohlnucz. Hiunhp lwji zhu talbilx avhor as tqzr as zhuing pgllz rske is tfxdifbtt. Qty xinrtwtp of cly eicuc of ajkyyd avhor yisioksq of taxes: hmzb zhuing agkjgjh, cly ointq gdexnklc %06 of cly eicuc sdta. Wxap zhuing frul, cly ointq gdexnklc mzca juas flrb. Wxap zhuing lnetnkubts, cly ointq bjdq 0%8. Qty afgsfdability of ajkyyd avhor, ydy to alvd lorvs pau ldcljnizgc otw Ltjeqzjnbn ddmjryo, is duwdu cly otwest in cly Coyeerug Ueciu. Hiunhp zhu talbilx avhor kpydvch clyy psx't afgsfd clym oclyrwise,” jxrz Dnbvqzkrž.


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