The popular French fashion brand „Gémo“ entered the Baltic States - the first regional store was opened at the shopping center „Galleria Riga“, managed by the real estate company „BPT Real Estate“. According to brand representatives, „Gémo“ will enter Lithuania soon - the opening of the first store in the country is already scheduled in 2019.
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According to the real estate company „BPT Real Estate", which also manages "Europa" shopping center in Lithuania, leasing manager for Baltic countries Diana Drobnienė, negotiations with this brand have started in 2017. The first „Gémo" store in Baltic States in Riga's shopping center was opened at the beginning of November and occupies 1,100 square meters area.

„The fact that the managers of „Gémo" brand drew attention to the proposal and decided to enter the Baltic market for us is a great achievement. In France, this brand is a leader because it offers family-friendly products, as well as very favorable pricing for consumers. There is no doubt that the „Gémo" in Baltic countries, will also be fast-paced and will become a frequent buyer choice . Meanwhile, we continue to pursue our strategy and strive to increase the number of popular, valuable international brands in the Baltic region.", – D. Drobnienė says.

According to Justina Rudzinskienė, marketing manager of the brand "Gémo" in the Baltic States, the decision to enter the Baltic market was made after a thorough analysis of the competitive environment prevailing in the region, considering the strong growth of market potential.

„The Italian fashion cult prevailed in the Baltic States, so there was obviously a lack of French production in the region: we noticed a substantially free market place. The „Gémo" brand meets the needs of a very wide spectrum of customers, as the products are for the whole family, targeting all age groups – from infants/babies to seniors. In addition, „Gémo" offers its customers at an extremely attractive price not only a wide range of clothing but also a selection of shoes suitable for all seasons - from sports to classics, as well as larger sizes of clothing rarely found in the Baltic States. ", –J. Rudzinskienė says.

According to the marketing manager in the Baltic States, after the debut in Riga, the brand „Gémo" plans further development in the region. „Gémo" will enter the Lithuanian market soon – the first store is scheduled to open in 2019.

About „Gémo"

The „Gémo" brand belongs to „Eram" group, which owns 11 brands and 1,100 stores in France and other countries.

„Gémo" is a leading brand in France, not only producing authoring products, but also distributing it. „Gémo" offers a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessories for the whole family - women of different ages, men and children from infancy.

Currently, „Gémo" has 460 stores in France and other countries. The main factors of „Gémo" success are the highly competitive prices for consumers, an attractive products that meets customers' needs, and customer-friendly stores layouts.

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