Hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and cryptocurrency pioneers will arrive at the The Pillar Unconference 2018, the biggest blockchain conference in Lithuania’s history. The conference guests will cover such topics as ICO perspectives, blockchain security, legal regulation, usage, and expansion possibilities, data security, and many others, a press release from the conference organisers states.
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The one-week conference is taking place on 16-22 July in Vilnius Grand Resort convention centre, where guest speakers and attendees will participate in various workshops, sessions and discussions. There they will deepen their knowledge in the potential of crypto-democracy and influence decentralization, online data security, the future of blockchain in business and possibilities to apply this innovative technology in the public sector.

Un-conference: agenda depends on attendees' will

This conference is unique not only in terms of its scope, but also in terms of its 'un-conference' format. In an unconference, the attendees generate and lead the schedule, sessions, discussion topics, and interactions. The Pillar Projects representatives, organizing this conference, believe that innovations occur not in presentation, but in conversation. Because of this reason, the organizers prioritize the relaxed meeting form and, thus, wish to see actively involved discussion participants rather than passive listeners.

Unique opportunity to meet creators of the Ethereum cryptocurrency

Many blockchain market celebrities are among the conference guest speakers. Particularly, attendees have a unique opportunity to listen to Vinay Gupta, a policy and technology analyst as well as a cryptography expert who managed the launch of Ethereum. He will give a talk on how blockchain functions in the legal system and present an efficient guide to designing the Internet of agreements. Additionally, Lex Sokolin, a director of Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research will overview the crypto capital markets in 2018 and discuss what role the Artificial Intelligence will play in financial services. Also, the conference attendees can take part in a masterclass by Nicholas Merten, also known as Data Dash. Having over 300,000 subscribers and being one of the biggest crypto influencers of 2018, Nicholas Merten will share his insights on how to find the next big ICO and will break down the winners and losers in a noisy crypto market.

Token Camp workshop and hackathons

Apart from the talks and discussions, there is a plenty of practical activity to do. For instance, Token Camp workshop is designed for everyone who wish to own or currently own ICO. In this workshop, attendees will deepen their knowledge in such topics as tokenomics, whitepapers, governance, monetary policy, and more. Moreover, attendees will have an opportunity to take part in two hackathons. The Unibright company will host a hackathon, called "the Hackathon without a single line of code", working on graphical representations of blockchain-related use cases. In addition, Radix are encouraging developers to come and try to build truly decentralized commercial applications on their brand-new platform.

To ensure guests' comfort, shuttle busses will run between Vilnius city center and the Vilnius Grand Resort. Additionally, attendees can use special discounts, offered by ridesharing company Taxify.

More information about the unconference:

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