Maxima Grupė formed a new Board and appointed new CEO of the company, the position has been taken by Jolanta Bivainytė. She replaced Justas Riauba, interim head of the company. The Board will be comprised of 7 members: CEO of Maxima Grupė, heads of its retail chains in five countries and the representative of Vilniaus Prekyba, the company that owns Maxima Grupė.
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“New structure of the Board reflects current business directions and geographical coverage of the group. From now on, the heads of all our retail chains will work at the Board. Thereby, we will ensure that the decisions of the Board would meet our companies’ and their customers’ needs in every country. Being to customers as close as possible is and will remain the most important priority”, says J. Bivainytė, CEO of Maxima Grupė.

J. Bivainytė has been working at Vilniaus Prekyba group since 1992. During this time, she took diverse management positions at different companies of the group.

The renewed Board of Maxima Grupė consists of Meri Navickė, the chairwoman of the Board of Vilniaus Prekyba, J. Bivainytė, the new CEO of Maxima Grupė and the heads of five Maxima Grupė’s subsidiaries that own retail chains in different countries: Kristina Meidė, CEO of Maxima LT, Andris Vilcmeiers, CEO of Maxima Latvija, Marko Põder, CEO of Maxima Eesti, Arūnas Zimnickas, CEO of Stokrotka retail chain in Poland, and Edvinas Volkas, CEO of Maxima Bulgaria. M. Navickė was elected as chairwoman of the Board.

A former head of Maxima Grupė J. Riauba will continue working at the Board of Vilniaus prekyba.

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