One worker was hurt in a nitric acid spill at Achema on Monday. The worker, who got splashes of acid on his clothing, was taken to hospital, CEO of the Lithuanian fertilizer plant said adding that the acid spill had been cleaned up and the incident had not affected the facility’s operations.
Achema plant

“Emergency aid was provided immediately in line with our emergency response plan. However, the burn should not be severe,” Ramūnas Miliauskas told BNS.

The emergency situation was handled by the facility’s fire service and the medics who took the worker to hospital, he said.

“Nitric acid started dripping ... in one of nine units… The unit was safety stopped and the nitric acid spilled on the concrete. However, it was cleaned up before it could reach the ground waters. There were some fumes since some acid spread over the territory of the plant,” Miliauskas explained.

The incident had no effect on the facility’s operations, he said adding that the broken pipe should be repaired by the end of the day.

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