LMT (Latvian Mobile Telephone) is the telecommunications market leader in Latvia and a digital service provider of several mobile technologies worldwide. Three of these innovations are present at the Baltic Mobile Congress - the ISOA forest fire monitoring solution, the EDLUS employee attendance tracking service, and assembly line tracking powered by computer vision, a press release from LMT states.
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LMT is actively involved with partners and universities of various areas to develop and implement innovative smart products and solutions. With projects in a multitude of industries, including connected cars, drones, computer vision, smart cities and even space exploration, LMT is actively expanding to seize opportunities in export markets.

Ingmar Pukis, Vice President of LMT, said "LMT's network is currently amongst the most efficient mobile data networks in the world. The era of 2G and 3G networks made Latvian users the most talkative country in Europe. With 4G they ranked second in the world for mobile internet consumption. Now we will aspire to bring the best of 5G to our industrial, governmental and academic partners. We believe the future will be mobile only."

The products visible at Baltic Mobile Congress are solutions developed to improve and automate day-to-day operations through digital, wireless technology.

Below, find a description of each digital LMT product present at Baltic Mobile Congress:

ISOA - forest fire monitoring

With the help of computer vision, infrared cameras, microphones, and drones, LMT, together with the Riga Technical University (RTU) have developed an autonomous solution that not only tracks the emergence of forest fires but also is able to locate trapped individuals to trigger search and rescue operations.

This solution has gained the interest of both the Forest and Environment protection Unit of the State Forestry Inspection, as well as military units involved in rescue missions.

Images and sounds obtained by Computer Vision and Computer Hearing can be analyzed automatically during drone flight as the solution was equipped with additional data processing capacity as well as with mobile internet. Therefore, ensuring the possibility to identify different objects. Sensors could recognize animals, humans as well as locate the source of particular sounds.

Find out more here: https://youtu.be/_fxm0NVO8xE

EDLUS - employee and visitor tracking

Built specifically for the construction industry, EDLUS electronically tracks the arrival and attendance of individuals to the work site. This can be done through NFC-enabled cards, biometrics, or NFC-enabled smartphones.

The EDLUS alleviates a series of issues - one, that it meets the legal standard of registering people on construction sites. Second, it makes it possible to accurately track the presence of workers and paid partners. Lastly, in a few clicks a report can be sent to the national tax services or downloaded to .xls files for further data analysis.

The solution can be used in other industries as well, such as road construction, security work, janitorial services, events, and more. Registration can be done either through the EDLUS entry point for closed workspaces (such as construction sites or conferences), or also through the mobile app for open workspaces, such as road construction.

Find out more here: https://youtu.be/ELt7_vDxe_o

Computer vision smart production monitoring

The computer vision smart production monitoring system tracks and recognizes items on assembly lines, and ensures that products are accounted for. With highly-precise computer vision and enabled by artificial intelligence, the software is able to detect even the smallest differences between products and can build up to even 99.99% accuracy.

The product was built to help assembly lines identify the location of production loss, in order to account for lost products on the line and increase profit margins. It is already being used by a manufacturing company that produces over 50,000 units per day.

The computer vision for assembly line tracking product can quickly and easily be installed into any assembly line to increase the efficiency of production.

Find out more here: https://youtu.be/dNcEtrZNQ6k

LMT has offered mobile services since 1992 and is the leading mobile network operator in the country. As the innovation leader in the market, LMT offers a full spectrum of highest quality telecommunication services. LMT is 5G ready – the network operator is actively working on developing technologies that could be advanced by 5G technology such as a smart cities, mobility and connected cars, drone technologies, public safety and even innovations in space exploration, etc.

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