A poll commissioned by Aviva Lietuva shows that almost half, or 49 percent, of respondents hope to receive retirement pensions equal to their current salaries, while 39 percent have even higher expectations and hope to receive bigger pensions than their current monthly income.
© DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

The poll, conducted in 2014, revealed that only 12 percent would agree to smaller retirement pensions. In 2013, meanwhile, an even smaller percentage, 7 percent, agreed to smaller pensions.

Based on this year's results, half of the polled who would agree to pensions lower than current salaries would be satisfied with a decrease of 20 percent. Meanwhile, only one in ten would accept their pensions to be 50 percent lower than current income.

Men would especially like their pensions to equal their current salaries, while women often expect higher pensions than their salaries. Also, people that earn LTL 1,000 (EUR 290) or smaller salaries have higher expectations regarding their future retirement.

The poll commissioned by Aviva Lietuva was carried out on 10-28 June by market research and consulting company Prime Consulting.

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