According to the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania, the central government's debt in November stood at 39.7 percent of Lithuania's total projected gross domestic product (GDP) of 2014, LTL 49.673 billion (EUR 14.39 billion).
Ministry of Finance
© DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

78.4 percent of the amount was Lithuania's external debt: LTL 34.105 billion (EUR 9.885 billion) to foreign financial institutions and LTL 4.856 billion (EUR 1.407 billion) to international organisations.

Debt to domestic lenders in December accounted for 21.6 percent of the total debt. Debt to domestic financial sector was LTL 8.784 billion (EUR 2.546 billion), debt to non-financial sector was LTL 0.292 billion (EUR 0.084 billion) and debt to other creditors was LTL 1.635 billion (EUR 0.473 billion).

The total government long-term debt in December amounted to LTL 48.822 billion (EUR 14.151 billion) and constituted 98.3 percent of the total debt. Short-term debt was LTL 0.85 billion (EUR 0.25 billion), i.e., 1.7 percent of the total debt.

Including financial derivatives, the debt in December stood at LTL 47.002 billion (EUR 13.62 billion) and accounted for 38.4 percent of the projected 2014 GDP.

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