Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security and Labour has submitted a draft resolution to the Government, where it suggests raising minimum monthly wage and minimum hourly pay as of 1 July 2015.
Algimanta Pabedinskienė
© DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

"This is not a political increase; it is suggested based on the current economic indicators. Experts and employers agree that, given the current economic situation, we must consistently increase the income of those who receive the smallest wages. Therefore, we propose increasing the minimum monthly wage to EUR 325 and the minimum hourly pay to EUR 1.97 from 1 July," Social Security and Labour Minister Algimanta Pabedinskienė said.

The Tripartite Council approved the minimum wage raise back on 21 April.

The minimum monthly wage was last time raised in October 2014, to EUR 300.

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