Retail chain Lidl, which started trade activities in Lithuania last summer and is currently operating 21 stores across the country, celebrates first Christmas with special festive offers for the customers and further expansion, Lidl press office reported in a press release.
LIDL in Lithuania
© DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

During the festive period company is about to open 22nd store in Lithuania, this time in Panevėžys, CEO of Lidl Lietuva Radostin Roussev-Peine disclosed during a media meeting today in Vilnius. Next year Lidl plans to continue expansion throughout the country. In the short term, modern and convenient stores will be opened in Utena and Ukmergė.

Starting next Monday, 28st of November, Lidl will offer a range of gourmet products labeled by Lidl private brand “Deluxe” with new limited edition products to be offered every week until Christmas.
This is a selection of ingredients for festive dishes, a new space for culinary experiments, ideas for gifts and commemorative table. Deluxe covers the entire range of products: from appetizers and seasonings, from ingredients for main courses to ready-made desserts.

“Our plans for winter holidays are different. Some of us will celebrate, but some of us will work. Some will use festive period to travel, to meet relatives and closest friends or to relax and sum up the year. For us it was full of extraordinary events, so I would like to thank to the Lithuanian people sincerely for their interest and support. Thank to it, the start of Lidl retail chain was very successful, and every new store opening is a celebration for our customers and us. We believe that the Christmas period is a time, when every dinner with your beloved ones should become a celebration. Therefore, during this period we will amaze you with new products for festive table every week. The uniqueness of "Deluxe" products is that they are not only special, but also affordable”, – R. Roussev-Peine said.

Affordability of Lidl is proven by the customers – an average of 1.8 million customers already trust Lidl and attend its stores in Lithuania every month and, according to a “Nielsen” survey conducted September 2016, every 3rd of them in Lithuania claimed Lidl has become his regular shopping place.

The main principle of Lidl retail system – to offer the customers best quality for the best possible price on the market. Special food and non-food offers and promotions supplement everyday Lidl assortment which consists of approximately 1 600 products. Fresh fruits and vegetables arrive to Lidl on an everyday basis, and fresh crusty buns and bread is being baked at the Lidl bakery few times per day.

The company prepared thoroughly for the start in Lithuania. During the last 3 years, Lidl Lietuva invested 18 million EUR in salaries, employees' qualifications, long-term training abroad. In 2016, 60 million EUR was invested by Lidl into Lithuanian market – 40 million EUR was meant for logistics center and 20 million EUR – to shops and infrastructure. 120.6 million EUR invested in buildings, warehouse, shop and administration building equipment, vehicles and IT equipment during the 3 years. Company is about to invest same amount next year.

Being one of the leading international companies, Lidl Lietuva offers stable jobs with wide personal development opportunities, career prospects and competitive salaries. This autumn, 415 000 EUR bonuses including taxes was paid to employees, as well as the additions to salary – payments for carefully calculated overtime work during Grand Opening – in a total of 360 000 EUR.
The company is proud to win the first awards for the start of operation in the country: the company's business development and creation of new working places were evaluated with "Brave Investments" award in the contest "For Merits to Business" of Lithuanian Ministry of Economy.

In addition, Lidl Lithuania won the Audience Prize in a voting for the country's best entrepreneurs, organized by news portal. The company also became a winner of the social project "I love my company" in XL (largest companies) category.

Lidl Lietuva is aware of its responsibility to the environment and society. Many Lidl private brands’ products are certified by world-famous labelling organizations. All the company's facilities: stores and logistics center - use Green Lithuanian energy, produced in Lithuania from renewable energy sources. According to the company's practice, all the company's buildings are evaluated by an international certification system for sustainable buildings "BREEAM In-Use”. Lidl encourages its employees and customers to sort waste. When building the stores, UAB Lidl Lietuva invests into engineering and social infrastructure: utility networks, lighting, roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths etc..

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