Some public procurement contracts signed in 2014 between Vilnius Municipality, then under the direction of former Mayor Artūras Zuokas, and private companies were illegal and should be annulled, said the Public Procurement Office.
Vilnius City Municipality
© DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The government agency inspected seven public procurement contracts worth €14 million.

One challenged deal was signed with Mano Būstas, a subsidiary of City Service, for renovation and upkeep of heating facilities in preschools in Vilnius, worth €10,3 million. There was no need for the service, the Public Procurement Office said.

The agency also pointed to a €696,200 public toilet contract with BSS Grupė, suggesting that it not be renewed after expiration.

A €333,100 contract with Irdaiva to build a music room in one school was also singed in breach of public procurement rules, according to the agency.

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