Studies by Lithuanian geologists suggest that underground waters in Western Lithuania contain sufficient amounts of bromine and potassium in order to start industrial extraction of brine and further chemical enrichment.
Bromine in Lithuanian waters
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According to Director of Lithuanian Geological Survey Jonas Satkūnas, Lithuania could follow the example of other countries and start lucrative extraction of rare alkaline metals from ground waters with the help of modern technology. This requires neither intensive nor substantial funds. However, according to him, in every case expediency and economic benefit should be considered separately.

Scientists proposed to research industrial underground waters in Lithuania already several decades ago. They distinguished bromide and potassium as the most promising elements.

It was estimated that bromide resources may reach 400 million tonnes, while potassium 560 million tonnes. Based on calculations at the time, around 80-90 tonnes of bromide and 110-120 tonnes of potassium could be extracted from one borehole per year.

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