Even though the Russian ban on food product import from the European Union is still in effect, export of Lithuanian origin goods to Russia increased by 11.3 percent in October.
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Lithuania's export volume in October amounted to LTL 8.2 billion (EUR 2.4 billion), while import volume stood at LTL 8.7 billion (EUR 2.5 billion), the data of Statistics Lithuania shows. Export of goods of Lithuanian origin totalled LTL 4.7 billion (EUR 1.4 billion). In October, compared with September, the total export volume rose by 5.4 percent, whereas import by 5.1 percent.

Export mostly grew due to the increase of sales of fertilisers and furniture. Meanwhile, import growth was due to a 10-percent increase in crude oil import, as well as the increase of import of pharmaceutical and medical products.

In October, compared with September, Lithuania's export to Russia increased by 3.4 percentage points. The share of Lithuanian origin goods in the total export volume increased by 11.3 percent. Export growth of goods of Lithuanian origin was mostly due to a 96.7-percent increase of export of plastic products and a 2.1-time increase of products from cereals, flour, starch and milk.

Russia remains Lithuania's largest trade partner, despite geopolitical tensions and sanctions imposed by Russia against Lithuanian road carriers. In January-October, export to Russia constituted 21.3 percent of total export. However, in January-October, most products of Lithuanian origin were exported to Germany, around 10.4 percent of the total export.

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