Corruption could be costing the Lithuanian economy up to €8 billion a year, according to a new study of studies published by the European Union.
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The EU study that brought together research from three studies, including from the Rand Corporation, that estimated the foregone economic output in GDP value due to corruption in each of the countries in the EU 28.

The estimated losses from corruption in Lithuania ranged from €5bn annually to €8bn or between 11% and 18% of GDP.

Corruption in Baltic neighbour Latvia was estimated to be costing the country up to €5.6 billion a year (19% of GDP) while in Estonia, the estimated loss of GDP was much lower at €2.6 billion annually or a maximum of 12% of GDP.

The study noted that 95% of Lithuanians believed corruption was widespread in Lithuania and the country ranked in the last group of countries in terms of performance on international corruption measures.

The risk of corruption in public procurement was found to be particularly high in Lithuania, with the country ranked third worst in the EU-28 on that measure.

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