Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis
Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis
© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Conservative party patriarch Vytautas Landsbergis believes that there are efforts to sow discord between party leaders Gabrielius Landsbergis and Irena Degutienė.

It turns out that the Conservatives, who testified in the now two year long MG Baltic, Liberal Movement and Labour Party political corruption investigation, also settled partisan accounts. Around 50 politicians have been questioned during the investigation, including party leader Gabrielius Landsbergis. On Wednesday, Lietuvos Rytas reported that party vice chairwoman Irena Degutienė was also among those questioned. She testified regarding the relations between MG Baltic and Laurynas Kasčiūnas, who was later her advisor and now a fellow Seimas group member.

It has been announced that G. Landsbergis told investigators that he had heard talks that the MG Baltic concern, which is facing suspicions expected I. Degutienė, not him to win the party chairman elections in 2015 and supported namely her.

V. Landsbergis titled his Facebook post as "The Majoritarians are rampaging."

"When the TS-LKD organised democratic internal party chairman elections, interested parties hoped for at least one negative result for the party: either it will break down or the two competitors – I. Degutienė and G. Landsbergis will be antagonised for a long time. It failed, the party proved to be more mature and wise. The former rivals remained to lead the party, which was strengthened and heralding renewal.

However, this does not mean that the aforementioned parties have relinquished their great goal. Just now in the intrigue regarding the contact between TS-LKD members and MG Baltic, which is being developed and whose glimpses briefly appear, a peculiar publication of the witness testimonies is beginning.

Experienced politicians should not be baited by journalistic "he said-she said" provocations, but it happens. "John, do you know what Peter is talking about you? Peter, did you hear and what do you think about John's words, which may have been said or may not have been said?" V. Landsbergis writes.

According to the Conservative patriarch, it would not be surprising if this provincial rumour mill, which eases "Private Skardžius'" rescue operation, will continue. Increasingly many such old artefacts may be dug up and presented on a plate for "investigation," so that all possible investigations would appear as if a circus to the public. Especially, the professor says, when the majoritarians have a free hand of what to investigate and what, such as their boss' businesses – not to.

In his opinion, having just secured continued control of their pocket Central Electoral Comission (VRK), the ruling coalition appears to be relaxed to rampage in any direction. "And the old intrigue hounds from the permanent nomenclatural "left," look to be getting accustomed to their dream function, where the tail wags the dog. That's the image," V. Landsbergis writes.

According to him, a lead of two votes in the no confidence vote regarding the VRK chairwoman is certainly not the "Seimas' trust," which is needed in a democratic government. Especially with the 2019 election period, which will be filled with major, even international tensions. "We are failing the exam of democracy already today," V. Landsbergis concludes.

I. Degutienė: I feel harmed

In response to the surfaced information, Seimas vice Speaker I. Degutienė said, "I was invited by the Special Investigation Service (STT). I could not understand how I was related. Then I finally recollected that it is likely because Laurynas [Laurynas Kasčiūnas] visited me at one point. So I am something of a harmed party."

She stated she recalled a situation several years ago, when L. Kasčiūnas visited and asked for aid. "And so that I would agree [with MG Baltic representatives]," the politician said.

I. Degutienė stated she directly responded that she does not intend to agree with anyone and did not do so. "I told him to also not get involved. I believe he did not go anywhere else," the conservative explained.

According to her, political scientist L. Kasčiūnas was not a politician at the time, nor was he an advisor for her in the Seimas.

"He was like a public, volunteer assistant, but worked in the Eastern Policy Centre. As for us interacting, it is natural because earlier, in 2009-2012 he was my, as Seimas Speaker, advisor for foreign policy questions. It is natural that our relations were always good," the politician explained.

She said that she was invited to the STT a year ago. "It would appear that the files now reached lawyers' hands and from 150 testimonies, they chose three victims [I. Degutienė, L. Kasčiūnas and G. Landsbergis] and began querying them now. It is clear to me that there is a desire to portray that here, they are not saints. I understand this political dirt slinging well enough," she said.

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