September 19 d\., 2017

Lithuanian officials deny allowing Russian warplanes enter airspace 3 d.

Lithuanian officials have denied giving permission to Russian military aircraft last week to enter the country's airspace to avoid adverse weather conditions.

Lithuanian airspace must be respected - defense minister 3 d.

Lithuanian airspace must be respected, Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis said on Monday after two Russian military aircraft last week entered the country's territory over its territorial waters.

September 18 d\., 2017

Two Russian military aircraft violated Lithuanian airspace - Foreign Ministry 4 d.

Two Russian IL-76 military transport aircraft last week violated Lithuania's airspace, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Dutch troops start exercise in Lithuania today 4 d.

NATO Enhanced Forward Presence team's combat group is starting an exercise in Jonava, Kaisiadorys and Elektrenai districts in central Lithuania on Monday. During the exercise, Dutch troops serving in the battalion will drill arrest and defense operations, the Defense Ministry said.

September 15 d\., 2017

Belarusian border guard suspected of violating Lithuanian border 7 d.

The Lithuanian State Border Guard Service (VSAT) and prosecutors have confirmed yet another investigation into violation of the state border where a Belarus ian border guard is suspected of unlawfully entering Lithuania.