Speech at Conference "Reflections on a Ravaged Century"
Library of Congress, Washington DC, 8-9 November 2017
Vytautas Landsbergis
Vytautas Landsbergis
© DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends,

As we are talking about victims, the greatest victim of Communism was the soul or spirituality of humans - the very humanity replaced by bestiality.

We are meeting now, not celebrating, a remarkable day in European and world history. It would be an improper action to celebrate a so long-lasting disaster. But we have an opportunity to concentrate more on it in an effort to understand.

It was a military, actually armed, coup d'état changing the course of Russian rather democratic revolution which dismissed the centuries-long monarchy and went building multi-partisan parliamentary democracy. The government was weak and split, the people disappointed and tired of war with Germany. That rival country in an effort to completely destroy Russia brought in – secretly transporting – the most radical top believer in "socialist" dictatorship, Vladimir Lenin, supplying him with a train of money. The goal was to overthrow the Interim Government in St. Petersburg, thus getting Russia out of war.

The plot was a success, but not for all actors.

It brought to power in Russia exactly Lenin's group of extreme "socialists", called Bolsheviks, striving to become the power over all other groups and entire society (actually, population) of the former empire.

Bolsheviks of Russia were populists who claimed and promised freedoms, great and just benefits for everybody excluding enemies; and peace for nations; but they developed regime of terror, slavery (to "the state") and war. Alongside with their Marxist ideology of "class struggle", the whole world should turn Communist. Of Russian shape, of course. Immediate war and export of "revolution" were the means, thus aggression and disaster were not intended to be confined just inside Russia. On the contrary – everywhere!

That is an ongoing process of "world revolution" and bloody gaining – in idea – of the world governance, which has no end yet.

Now it is a basic thing to understand at least the newest European history. The totalitarian regime of Bolsheviks became an example and inspiration for other fascist ideologies and dictatorships.

Let us now concentrate on what was badly "creative" to get the world of today, sick and half crazy.

The Bolsheviks took root in the naked rationalism of the 18-19th centuries, which had even imagined the new world as a temple of reason. Thus, the understanding of the nature of human dualism "anima et ratio" became wrongly reduced to preferring "ratio", while "anima" was increasingly treated as marginal. "Liberties" over any human duties! Talks about human heart and brotherhood were left for poetry and outdated Christian religion.

At the same time the concept of "history" became mystified and given (with its rules discovered by Marx and Co.) the features of a deity or supra-natural predestination. Serve history! Don't oppose the course of "history", you scoundrel! Death for those disobedient retrograds!

Leaving aside all stages and options of that negative trend of culture (including politics), I will try to make some remarks about the results of this hundred years-long development in Russia. By taking its "revolutionary" fossil forms – to examine them.

Why Russia?

Because for a while – until the third collapse of that specific empire is still approaching – the case of Russia presents No. 1 among the current threats and dangers for the entire human world.

This view is not demonization but realism.

Human world is getting more and more dehumanized. Unfortunately, Russia plays – say, unconsciously – a big role in that evil process. That is a real stance and situation. For a while, but we are also living for a while.

Illness of the world is now concentrated and best expressed in Russia. And the illness of Russia itself is inherited from its past and continues until the current practices.

At first, let us take some aspects of Russia's mentality.

Large, the largitude

After all successes of land conquest and partial colonization, Russia is large indeed. If your mentality is prevailingly territorial, you may suffer a sort of delirium of grandness or grandomania in your strive to enjoy being ever larger. "Until all seas", was the claim of czars. The Indian Ocean is not reached yet.

The largest in the world! – what an excitement. Why not, vast but looks fine on the map, and then it is easy to believe in being the most important. As the consequence, diminishing of such sacred territory becomes enormously painful like a tragedy for the mankind.

So begins the wrong system of values in action.

The largitude of your dominions is able to compensate for the failures in the rest senses. Supposedly, even the failures in anyone's mentality.

"Rule Britania" is not ideology and driving force for the United Kingdom anymore, but it is for "United Russia".

Rule, Russia, the globe with us and ME in the centrum of Universe. That's Victoria's secret of Kremlin.

"For such Russia it is worth to live, to die, and to kill" – so declares the top ideologist of the putinist Russia (vel Kremlin), Mr. Alexander Dugin.

Thus current Russia as a state and its leadership are on a fundamentally wrong path.

To a great extent, that trend is stemming from theoretical and practical Communism.

The only right teaching

Mystical Communism should eliminate any other understanding of world affairs as wrong (erroneous) one and hostile to "the people" of nomenclature, thus counter-revolutionary. And the best medicine for "contras" was to annihilate them. Of course, if you have a sufficient force.

As Chairman Mao has said: "who has the gun, he rules the village".

Who then dears to oppose (big ME and history), simply drops out of the game – out of life. That was the base of the "Red terror", introduced by Lenin and highly developed by Stalin.

Here we should correct the commonly used term of "Crimes of Communism". Not the abstract idea or teaching, but concrete persons, organized structures and the entire states appeared to be killers.

Political opponents and economic opponents (rejecting slavery), like the working and productive peasantry, should be expropriated and eliminated "as class". (That social racism stays not investigated yet.) The ultimate means – the artificial famine "Holodomor" - was implemented by fanatical Bolsheviks to break and crush normal Ukrainian countryside. Millions died of starvation, left without food under the merciless observance of the rulers and perpetrators.

In the view of their "history", this was a right thing. Undoubtedly, in normal understanding, it had nothing in common with humanity, but with bestiality.

Yes, Communist approach and mentality in the USSR were abnormal. Like that of today's terrorists. Nobody asks them for humanism. Personally, a comrade Communist could sometimes be human, but not the system.

Some say (especially Communist pundits) that destruction of private and family farming "helped" Stalin to build up industry, the military one par excellence, and to win the war. But Communism of Bolsheviks destroyed Russia more than any war. Common people, the population of that big country, already even longer than half a century after the war still remains in a hungry (for goods!) and hostile poverty.

The only difference to explain such situation then and now is that previously the surrounding "capitalism" was guilty for that, and today – the Americans and NATO.

Bedlamization of the poorly-minded post-Soviet Russian people is still en course. Television, wrongly called "information", is the main drug. Means of mass information prevailing in today's Russia, should be called means of mass idiotization.

So, the whole "revolutionary" century that has passed was lost for anything better, due to the lack of human and reasonable approaches to life.

The main course of Soviet "humanism" was that humans are a simple trash and fertilizer on the field of the brilliant "Communist" future.

No difference today, when millions of homeless Ukrainian refugees from the ruined towns and villages are treated as a marginal problem on the way to victorious "Russian world".

"They" all, as geopolitical environment

Stepping on its wrong path of expansionism, the post-Communist or neo-fascist Russia did appear, just recently, in a new self-isolation approaching to be a big version of North Korea.

"We will beat them", "we will win over them" – this mantra governs Kremlin's strategic mind. "Don't forget that we have a bomb", - Mr. Putin goes repeating.


Damned enemies, as "we Russians" are besieged by them.

The idea of a "surrounded fortress" Russia has two sources, a propos, deeply inherited.

The first one was the vision of tsars, expressed by Alexander the Third: "In the entire world Russia has only two friends - they are Russian Army and Russian Navy".

The second one was the vision of Lenin about Russia as the first and predestinated liberator of the world proletariat, with the means such as "permanent revolution" (of Trocky) and permanent "enlargement of the USSR" (the oath of Stalin at Lenin's coffin), so, the open process until the red empire with its satellites governs the whole world, not less.

Therefore, hopeless were and are friendly suggestions of that global foreign enemy that Russia should prefer the wellbeing of its own people to the "liberation" of the rest.

Boris Yeltsin was a unique leader of Russia who wanted to remake it into a normal internationally co-operative and national-welfare-building state. He was rejected and morally crushed by the old imperial structures unwilling to change the course and he remains blamed and hated by the red-brown revengists, with their version of recent history. The position of revenge was and is there a leading emotion in a depths of a soul of " crimnashists" and similar imperial Nazis.

As a result, we have not a co-operation but unlimited race of arms. Even the United Nations, which was built up for co-operation and peace, now stays humiliated in a trash. That is also the result of hundred years-long Russian revolution.

Additional remarks

Additional remarks can be made as regards the wrong mind of the deeply unfortunate Russia.

The belief in violence and speculative (rational) denouncement of empathy, if even it was born outside Russia, fell there into a proper soil.

Some of these fruits, hybrid with Communism, look now as tricky and terrible at the same time.

Take the "problem" of pride and respect.

Those proud of might and cruelty, they wish to be respected. The lack of appeasing "respect" turns to be a terrible abuse.

I have experienced this in the last Soviet years. When in a political dialogue you disagree even in a most polite manner with an alleged boss, speaking as an equal and looking into the eyes, you seem provoking and annoying. Do respect your master! Thus disobedience of younger sister Ukraine must be punish severe.

Only Yeltsin was different.

But one of foreign advisers trying to mediate with Gorbachev did essentially explain that to us.

- You should understand that they could not lose face, if taking the compromise with your independence.

- But what with our face, if they demand capitulation?

- Your face is the smaller one.

Recent situation became not better but worse.

- They must fear us! If they do not fear us, we are disrespected.

Then the big ME is "forced" to act. – "They are just talking and talking, while I go acting" (the pride of VVP) – and "they" will stay responsible for our deeds.

All this can be quoted and documented. And you, Gentlemen, will continue to talk, being documented just by talks, not actions.

In this way you are encouraging further aggression and becoming responsible indeed. Not only in Syria and Ukraine.

The greatest failure of the West was the end of Cold War. No Peace Treaty, no request to recognize the crimes and to punish the Communist criminals, no request to change the former inhuman mentality and behavior. Lithuania then went forward with such idea of purification – the tribune for Communist crimes - but nobody wanted to listen and consider this. The Budapest Accords became the best example that a paper, even signed, is nothing.

What we have now, is living in a bad heritage.

What it looks like?

Western democracies are opposing the Empire of Lie and are rather loosing, as they do not dare to say "stop lying" or about our true being in a global war. Even the bleeding Ukraine is trying to avoid the truth, the clear dictionary.

Remember, the use of Orwellian dictonomy has a long past. It was stemming from the classics of Marxism, a teaching seriously presented in Western universities. Dictatorship of a mafia- type clan was called dictatorship of "proletariat". Chiefs of the clan called themselves "the people", therefore the opponents to a clan became "enemies of the people".

Some say that everything is better than war. Antidemocratic, anti-Western hard and soft tyrants do not think so. War is on their table. Maybe, dear Westerners and "Putinsverstehers" your capitulation would be preferable?

That is worth to consider. Is it better, indeed, to sink into a cloaca of liquid shit than fall on a battlefield? In the name of dignity and liberty, to be said.

The question of a taste.

Let us ask this our fathers in the Heavens.

Thank you.

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