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Neal M
2014-09-15 15:57
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The spaniard
2014-09-10 01:58
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2014-09-06 21:21
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2014-09-06 04:01
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2014-09-05 22:15
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Ray Finch
2014-09-05 18:08
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2014-09-05 15:19
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Eve Tarm
2014-09-05 13:53
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2014-09-05 13:30
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2014-09-05 08:42
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glen small
2014-09-05 03:23
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2014-09-05 00:32
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John McFarlene
2014-09-04 22:29
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W. Europe needed a Marshall plan in 1947. In 2017 Marshall plan is needed for Ukraine

In 1947, following his return to Washington after the negotiations with Stalin and Molotov in Moscow, George Marshall, the famous US military leader and post-war Secretary of State, saw the need to promote economic recovery in Western Europe destroyed by war. This was seen as a stabilising factor and the only way to halt Stalin's ambitions of expanding his political dominance to Western Europe.

ARAS warning after Nemenčinė incident: don’t play war games in Lithuanian forests

Sunday morning at the Nemenčinė forest, a 12-person group gathers. It could be noted that some men are wearing the Russian model masked uniforms and are armed with the Russian machine guns. After getting signals from worried citizens, the police responds immediately, anti-terrorist operations team ARAS fighters come and detain potentially dangerous individuals.