Ukraine in focus on second day of Riga Conference 2014

Second day of the annual forum Rīga Conference 2014 was filled with lively debate and exchange of opinions among speakers of panel discussions, bringing together high-level foreign security and foreign policy experts, diplomats, politicians, academics, businessmen and journalists.
The Riga Conference 2014. Courtesy of Valdis Kaulins

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Memorandum on Baltic synchronization should be signed in June

Lithuania and the other states of the Baltic Sea region should sign a memorandum of understanding in June on synchronization of the Baltic states with continental Europe via Poland. The document should give an impetus to the preparations for synchronized work of the networks.

Latvian economics minister to discuss key energy projects with Lithuanian counterparts

Latvian Deputy Prime Minister and Economics Minister Arvils Aseradens is to meet with the Lithuanian energy and economy ministers to discuss the countries' key energy projects and efforts to restrict imports from the Astravyets nuclear power plant under construction in Belarus, and to visit the Klaipėda liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

There's consensus on Baltic grids' synchronization via Poland, but details not yet clear

There is a consensus among member countries of the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan (BEMIP) that the Baltic power grids have to be synchronized with the Western European system via Poland, but details, such as the need for a second LitPol Link, remain to be worked out.

Latvian citizen busted in Lithuania with 2 Syrian citizens en route to Western Europe

Border guards of Kalvarija, southwestern Lithuania, have detained a Latvian citizen transporting to Western Europe a Syrian father and son who had applied for asylum in Latvia. The driver faces criminal charges, while the Syrian citizens will be sent back to Latvia.

Russian actions harm Lithuania's logistics business, may divide Baltic states

Lithuania's State Security Department (VSD) has warned that Russia's protectionist policies and aims to restrict cargo flows harm Lithuania's transport business and energy and, furthermore, can divide the three Baltic states.