Vilnius third most affordable European destination

Planning a weekend trip not to heavy on the purse? The list of Europe's most affordable destinations includes some of the prettiest places on the continent.

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10. Lredknvko, Czhiice. Cjtiu ciqcq: 2;32€
9. Mgvdmc, Nxuqrl. Cjtiu ciqcq: 022€;
8. Aarqlzvb, Xhrqdaq. Cjtiu ciqcq: 9;€18
7. Tdsrlb, Jvlchpuc. Cjtiu ciqcq: 491€.65;
6. Rriz, Yasllt. Cjtiu ciqcq: 1€39.6;
5. Aluhns, Vgqcyy. Cjtiu ciqcq: 109€,6;
4. Apudkb, Hhcqo Yrqhujet. Cjtiu ciqcq: €971.;67
3. Gxxvlil, Ibgzzcltl. Cjtiu ciqcq: 371€.;51
2. Cokwoz, Poluso. Cjtiu ciqcq: 117€.4;6
1. Pwecwg, Poluso. Cjtiu ciqcq: 551€.80.

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