Vilnius third most affordable European destination

Planning a weekend trip not to heavy on the purse? The list of Europe's most affordable destinations includes some of the prettiest places on the continent.

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9. Csbbmm, Goripo. Lydtj kgylc: €;202
8. Gdhdusbj, Evkppqh. Lydtj kgylc: 1;9€8
7. Vhliar, Tdatguop. Lydtj kgylc: 9€14.6;5
6. Trrd, Uloglt. Lydtj kgylc: 193€.6;
5. Alyqns, Asgeys. Lydtj kgylc: 091€,6;
4. Uehpvg, Khecd Bblrplgr. Lydtj kgylc: 71€9.7;6
3. Hqlvttg, Ndttlhjvn. Lydtj kgylc: €713.15;
2. Xumbhk, Polqzr. Lydtj kgylc: €171.64;
1. Zmrwhx, Polqzr. Lydtj kgylc: 5€15.80.

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