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2017-03-05 04:03 IP:
You used quotes, but it would have been better to say "influenced" by Christianity. All of the celebrations and events are significant teasons why Lithuania is such a nice place.
2017-03-04 12:11 IP:
True, but humankind has always found a good reason to celebrate!
2017-03-04 11:34 IP:
It would be interesting to dig deeper as must (if not all) religious celebrations are superposed to more ancient motives for celebration in certain dates. In this case, is is quite obvious that what is celebrated is the end of the cold season, namely winter, and the start of the revival of nature, namely spring. In a sense is a way of saying "we made it through the winter! lets feast!"

Then, as in all other cultures "polluted" by christianity, other celebration names were put on top of some longer celebrated dates, and later this ancient traditions were forgotten.
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