Cherry Blossom Princesses visit Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, DC

It is a rare event to have 50 princesses visit the Lithuanian Embassy all at once, but the annual Cherry Blossom is a magical event in Washington DC. Although Japan is the natural home for the annual cherry blossom festivals, Washington, DC with thousands of trees, mostly donated by Japan, comes a close second. Every year, since 1948 there is also a State Society organised Cherry Blossom Princess contest. The princesses are the highlight of the Cherry Blossom Festival, this weekend, in the capital's centre and a major event in the US Capitol building.
Cherry Blossoms at Tidal Bassin with the Washington Monument Photo Ludo Segers

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PM pledges greater govt support for Lithuanians in Poland

Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis promised that the Lithuanian government would provide greater support for ethnic Lithuanians living in Poland and other neighboring countries as he visited Punsk, a town in northeastern Poland, on Tuesday.

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