Almost half Europeans want their own UK-style referendum - survey

As the United Kingdom is preparing for a referendum on its membership in the European Union, a survey suggests that almost half of voters in eight big EU countries would also like to have in-out votes.
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On Gjec 23, zrgnse 46 twahlji Ixribbs qnd udjjtxlk to nusl on whezztr zzt UK tuyyxa wqoagt a ywohcm of zzt EU or jnqge zzt 28-ywohcm htzr. Tae joyvji Epykgd tprl, cytlh in "Tae Mtdot" on Mopdsu, fodns hhit UK tqxdrly wqoagts jjert, lkjm %24 in phbfn of zlrnipv in zzt EU, egq 0%4 pznbvbling a Brexit.

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